Why a consultation and why make a Reflexology specific to you?
Certain conditions can do numerous different things to systems or specific organs for example the body can become overused or perhaps lethargic. Reflexologists use anatomy and physiology understanding to carefully choose certain areas on the foot to pay attention. Making a treatment more effective. Often Reflexologists pay attention to specific reflexes and what is known as secondary reflexes. See examples of treatment below. 

Whether it is face, hands or feet, I have a great number of techniques, for example 

approaches holds, balances, strecthes, precision points, different pressures, linking technices,

A general use pressure in certain areas to correspond to systems and organs withing the body. 

There is a reflex for the pituitary gland. This is largely involved in sleep. See  my further explanation to why I pay attention to endocrine system for disorders relating to sleep. Sleep

Aura outline



Benefits of Face Reflexology

Massage of the many muscles of the face have the effect of;
  • toning and relaxing muscles
  • energy balance and flow
  • general wellness stimulates circulation
  • improve skin tone
  • appearance of natural face lift

Create a tailored plan

The use of precise, established maps, including the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, nervous & urinary help to creating treatment plans that are tailored to your condition or desire and you can take home a self-care protocol to use. 

The benefit of this means that means that I can focus on a partial body system that needs extra attention. By working using a symptom (through consultation) and we are begin to understand how we can listen to what our body is telling us and this can provide us with a sustainable treatment plan in between treatments.  


What Does Reflexology Do?


I play music through the treatments and have a variety you can chose from. some people may choose music different from the conventional relaxing music and more fitting with their musical taste. I try to have some slow varied genre's, so go ahead and ask, if I know in advance of a treatment I can see what I can do or you can bring your own.

Many people are anxious before a treatment. Music has the power to completely transform our state of mind. Maybe listen to some music before a treatment to help you relax. 

Can Reflexology Make a Condition Worse?

No, it will not make any condition more acute. Reflexology helps to normalize body functions. A Reflexology session relaxes the stress that can affect your health. It is a safe effective way to Better Health.

Your response is not related to the severity of your disorder but in your faith in your own body’s healing abilities.

Initial response to Reflexology massage varies, although ultimately there should be a life-giving surge of vitality and well being with the overall effect extending to the mind and subconscious.

Responses to Reflexology should be considered as a larger picture. Our bodies disorders develop over many years and are very good at looking after us

To list a few most people report;

Relaxed with a sense of well being * improved sleep including dreaming * an awareness of feelings * feeling like the are walking on air * in another world or bubble * energized & focused *enriched breathing *


Being kind to yourself can have some unexpected outcomes

After one or two treatments your body may respond in a very definite way.

All reactions are considered positive since they indicate that the body is actively trying to expel unwanted toxins and so called ‘side effects’ are generally short lived. Therefore do not be alarmed if you find an increased discharge of waste products and intensified emotions or occasionally feelings you have been unaware of.  

Sometimes people can have what is referred to as a 'healing crisis' where people have reported what could be viewed as negative, anger, tearful etc. Also it has been known for people to be sick.  Sometimes people report feeling lethargic, nauseous or tearful, but this is transitory and is part of the healing process.

This is why it is important to to be aware of this, to not be alarmed and see it as a 'healing response' as people do report feeling very much better after this and with feelings of well being lasting longer.

However this is why it is contested to whether this is a good thing or not. Generally the West believe it is to work gradually and slowly, especially if you have been under extreme stress. I can mean that an area was overworked. i always appreciate being informed and I can then consider the areas that may have been overstimulated and why. I should generally pick up through consultation and during a treatment what is best.  If people disclose information this is a perfect way of releasing problems. However it is vital in a treatment there is a quieting of the brain. I have ways of encouraging this. This also means helping to build a trust  with me where we can fine tune what kind of treatments are best for you.

Having said that uninvited symptoms inviting you to stay in a rested state.  I would always encourage you to stay until they have past but please do not hesitate to contact a Doctor if anything persists. 



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Dien Chan Zone


'Dien Chan' is a form of reflexology. Reflexology implies the principle that by stimulating one part of the body, another part of the body is rebalanced. More precisely, when the skin (a major sense organ) is stimulated according to established maps which reflect all the organs of the body, the nervous system (central, then peripheral) responds to reach the targetted organ or area.

Dien Chan website

Federation of Holistic Therapists

Federation of Holistic Therapists LogoFind me listed as a member as a practicing reflexologist on the Federation of Holistic Therapists webiste

Federation of Holistic Therapists

Association of Reflexologists

The Association of Reflexologists (AoR) provides professional advice, support and guidance to Reflexologists and members of the public. The AoR was established in 1984 and is an  independent and non-profit making organisation supporting members worldwide. 

Association of Reflexologists

Crystal Fountain

Crystal Fountain LogoFind a range of holistic therapies to help improve your health and well-being. All the sessions are deeply relaxing with calming music in the background and soothing lighting.

Crystal Fountain website

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage

I have trained and qualified Reflexology Lymphatic drainage by the renowned Sally Kay to help reduce lymphodema swelling and improve well being.  

Sally Kay’s lengthily and scientifically tested protocol has significantly shown to reduce swelling, pre and post circumferential measurement. The improved difference has been described as ‘dramatic and dramatic by Dr Sylvia Hood.

‘Sally Kay’s development has revolutionised the clinical treatment of not only lymph oedema but lymphatic and vascular disorders’ Dr Sylvia Hood Washington PhD, ND, MSE, CLT-LANA BCTMB, LMT, RYT 500, HTCP. See Pg 4 Reflexology Lymph Drainage, Sally Kay.

For more information visit the website.

Reflexology & Lymph Drainage

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Biomedical Model

The biomedical model of health is the most dominant in the western world and focuses on health purely in terms of biological factors. Contained within the biomedical model of health is a medical model of disability. In a similar vein, this focuses on disability purely in terms of the impairment that it gives the individual.

Discover Sociology

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Session Pricing

Adults Sessions


 The initial consultation is free but please always prepare either side of any treatment to discuss anything

30 mins                                                                £20


1 hour                                                                   £30


1 hour 30 mins                                                             £45

                             (DELUXE choice of 2 of 3)

Face Reflexology offers a perfect protocol for toning and beautifying + encourages your own skin nourishing qualities but I also offer;

30 minutes     Jade stone beautifying treatment        £15

Chines medicine uses Jade stone a lot based on the  concept of it's rare, high frequency which simulate healing. Using Jade stones to touch specific points on the face relating to the body that may be stagnated, cells of low frequency, to help super charge the body.   

Child/Senior Sessions/Veterans/ low wage & certain conditions
                               (please contact me for more information)

30 mins                                                                           £15

Child must be accompanied by an adult unless over 16 and consultations forms to be signed by Adult as well as client. 



Relaxation / Taster session

Group tasters sessions available in co-operation with Crystal Fountain Healing Centre for a minimum of 5 people. 10 minutes for £5 each.

See Crystal Fountain for all available treatments. 

Home Treatment

Treatments in the luxury of your own home 
Pampered head to toe - Prices starting at £20
See my mobile business page. 
I charge £5 petrol 15 mile radius from Aberystwyth

The ideal treatment plan for any disorder offers an extra reward

Get 10% off when booking 3 or more sessions.


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