Most Reflexology treatments will include the solar plexus or kidney reflex being the area if the foot concerned the foundations of a person and is extremely powerful to engage a client with releasing tension.  

The body has system's are 
The feet have an adrenal gland reflex which is largely involved with the stress response but the adrenals are also involved in inflammation of the body. I have a few techniques I can use in this area depending on what I gather from the consultation or how you are feeling that day. 
The skin is 
Reflexology can be a perfect treatment in that it does not have to apply pressure or contact an area that may be too sore or inflamed. work I can work on the associated reflex. It can also address the symptoms you are experiencing as a direct result of your pain.

An example It is believed that Seasonal Affective disorder (SAD) is linked to inactivity in the hypothalamus. In Reflexology there are a few ways to access the hypothalamus reflex and a treatment can also
could be that you are not sleeping,  certainly attention to your spine and head reflexes can help sooth away stress in order to  promote better sleep. 
I can also work with the hands or face for example if there is a problem with the feet, for example if someone has gout in their big toe I work the thumb on the hand instead of the affected toe. 

Providing some self help tips after a treatment is my way of showing you 'value'. ......waves in the brain stimulated through relaxation also make you open to learn new things. 
There is a reflex for the pituitary gland. This is largely involved in sleep. See  my further explanation to why I pay attention to endocrine system for disorders relating to sleep. Sleep
Just a half hour treatment can provide your whole body with rejuvination. It can cover

Aura outline



Benefits of Face Reflexology

Massage of the many muscles of the face have the effect of;
  • toning and relaxing muscles
  • energy balance and flow
  • general wellness stimulates circulation
  • improve skin tone
  • appearance of natural face lift

Create a tailored plan

The use of precise, established maps, including the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, nervous & urinary help to creating treatment plans that are tailored to your condition or desire and you can take home a self-care protocol to use. 

The benefit of this means that means that I can focus on a partial body system that needs extra attention. By working using a symptom (through consultation) and we are begin to understand how we can listen to what our body is telling us and this can provide us with a sustainable treatment plan in between treatments.  


What Does Reflexology Do?


I play music through the treatments and have a variety you can chose from. some people may choose music different from the conventional relaxing music and more fitting with their musical taste. I try to have some slow varied genre's, so go ahead and ask, if I know in advance of a treatment I can see what I can do or you can bring your own.

Many people are anxious before a treatment. Music has the power to completely transform our state of mind. Maybe listen to some music before a treatment to help you relax. 

Can Reflexology Make a Condition Worse?

No, it will not make any condition more acute. Reflexology helps to normalize body functions. A Reflexology session relaxes the stress that can affect your health. It is a safe effective way to Better Health.

Your response is not related to the severity of your disorder but in your faith in your own body’s healing abilities.

Initial response to Reflexology massage varies, although ultimately there should be a life-giving surge of vitality and well being with the overall effect extending to the mind and subconscious.

Responses to Reflexology should be considered as a larger picture. Our bodies disorders develop over many years and are very good at looking after us

To list a few most people report;

Relaxed with a sense of well being * improved sleep including dreaming * an awareness of feelings * feeling like the are walking on air * in another world or bubble * energized & focused *enriched breathing *


Being kind to yourself can have some unexpected outcomes

After one or two treatments your body may respond in a very definite way.

All reactions are considered positive since they indicate that the body is actively trying to expel unwanted toxins and so called ‘side effects’ are generally short lived. Therefore do not be alarmed if you find an increased discharge of waste products and intensified emotions or occasionally feelings you have been unaware of.  

Sometimes people can have what is referred to as a 'healing crisis' where people have reported what could be viewed as negative, anger, tearful etc. Also it has been known for people to be sick.  Sometimes people report feeling lethargic, nauseous or tearful, but this is transitory and is part of the healing process.

This is why it is important to to be aware of this, to not be alarmed and see it as a 'healing response' as people do report feeling very much better after this and with feelings of well being lasting longer.

However this is why it is contested to whether this is a good thing or not. Generally the West believe it is to work gradually and slowly, especially if you have been under extreme stress. I can mean that an area was overworked. i always appreciate being informed and I can then consider the areas that may have been overstimulated and why. I should generally pick up through consultation and during a treatment what is best.  If people disclose information this is a perfect way of releasing problems. However it is vital in a treatment there is a quieting of the brain. I have ways of encouraging this. This also means helping to build a trust  with me where we can fine tune what kind of treatments are best for you.

Having said that uninvited symptoms inviting you to stay in a rested state.  I would always encourage you to stay until they have past but please do not hesitate to contact a Doctor if anything persists. 



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Hello, I am Morwenna.
I get my inspiration all over the world.

About me

I passed my Diploma level 3 in Reflexology and Anatomy and physiology in September 2007. Since then my experience of treating people has been as broad with experience of treating people of all ages and mobility levels. My continual professional development has reflected this. I also have experience of working with children with autism and adults with mental health issues. I have provided  volunteer bereavement support for Cruse all of which has been invaluable with many clients I have treated. I have a great interest in looking at self-help tools to support the treatments I carry out. This led me to bring facial Reflexology into my practice in 2018. 

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Receiving treatments myself is a very important way for me to offload physically as well as emotionally. Often I discuss how loneliness effects me and particularly the outcomes of the different ways in which I seek to remedy it.  I have learnt the importance of self care and the most remarkable outcome so far being has been to experience some intense feelings of spiritualism.

Both receiving treatments and self care both take commitment on my part and when I neglect this I often feel the effects, however knowing this is always a comfort knowing I have these effective toolbox.

tools making time to receive treatments and remain grounded in order to help others. 

Loneliness is something I would like to see talked about more. Holistic treatments are about prevention and recognizing  directions we are going in. Talking and receiving self care is a vital part at keeping on track and absorbing the ill effects of loneliness. After a treatment I often feel less stuck in a rut, my thoughts are more in order and feeling balanced in their proportion which in turn help me internalize things better and my bodies reactions to this helps me control of my behavior. 

Reflexology for me provides me with a sense of purpose and supporting relationships. There are things that you can do to ease loneliness. Please see the link for this helpful report of loneliness but be aware being alone or lonely does not necessarily have all the following negative connotations, you may not always feel low. The report is just guidance to possible effects. 

Social networks are a large and important part of forming a healthy wellbeing cycle. Social rejection can provoke a part of the brain that is directly related to feeling pain. Any sign of threat jolts our body into action. Showing that physical and emotional are so connected

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