Reflexology Foot Treatment

A salt warm soak of the feet, massages and effules oils can be used but this should only be considered with a professional consultation.

Talc or natural flour is then used for the main part of the treatment to purchase to access the reflex zones/points in the foot through a thumb walking technique. Participants usually will reduce in temperature once they have started to relax therefore a blanket is placed over you at beginning of treatment.  I recommend wearing some loose, comfortable clothes, especially if you are prone to hot flushes this will then help you feel comfortable during the treatment with a steady flow of energy.

"I had such a relaxing and soothing experience with Morwenna. I have fibromyalgia so I can be very touch sensitive with massages, however Morwenna was perfect. I would definitely recommend her"

Karmel Amelia Kee-Radan


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