Adults Sessions

Chines medicine uses Jade stone a lot based on the  concept of it's rare, high frequency which simulate healing. Using Jade stones to touch specific points on the face relating to the body that may be stagnated, cells of low frequency, to help super charge the body.   

Child/Senior Sessions/Veterans/ low wage & certain conditions
                               (please contact me for more information)

30 mins                                                                           £15

Child must be accompanied by an adult unless over 16 and consultations forms to be signed by Adult as well as client. 



Relaxation / Taster session

Group tasters sessions available 

Home Treatment

Fall to sleep in your own home.
Treatments in the luxury of your own home 
Pampered head to toe - 

I charge £5 petrol 15 mile radius from Aberystwyth

The ideal treatment plan for any disorder offers an extra reward

Get 10% off when booking 3 or more sessions.

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