Morwenna Grey

As a health practitioner I feel obliged to help people make informed decisions to how to choose complementary therapies as this does involve your own money and is a recognised part of the symptom cycle of health and well being, not only for people classed as living with long term conditions. This is why I use the cycle to inform my consultations. 

We can see from the cycle these are areas people with chronic disease or illness have reported as most important to them. I think everybody can use this as a healthy approach to their own well being. 

Sometimes everything can become exacerbated even if one area in the cycle is thrown out of kilt. But similarly sometimes when we actively engage in support in this area, the problem can miraculously disappear. Reflexology is one of the many options available to you that can focus on breath, pain, physical limitations, weight management, and fatigue. A Practioner that you can trust can also be helpful for stress/anxiety and difficult emotions. 


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