Receiving treatments myself is a very important way for me to offload physically as well as emotionally. Often I discuss how loneliness effects me and particularly the outcomes of the different ways in which I seek to remedy it.  I have learnt the importance of self care and the most remarkable outcome so far being has been to experience some intense feelings of spiritualism.

Both receiving treatments and self care both take commitment on my part and when I neglect this I often feel the effects, however knowing this is always a comfort knowing I have these effective toolbox.

tools making time to receive treatments and remain grounded in order to help others. 

Loneliness is something I would like to see talked about more. Holistic treatments are about prevention and recognizing  directions we are going in. Talking and receiving self care is a vital part at keeping on track and absorbing the ill effects of loneliness. After a treatment I often feel less stuck in a rut, my thoughts are more in order and feeling balanced in their proportion which in turn help me internalize things better and my bodies reactions to this helps me control of my behavior. 

Reflexology for me provides me with a sense of purpose and supporting relationships. There are things that you can do to ease loneliness. Please see the link for this helpful report of loneliness but be aware being alone or lonely does not necessarily have all the following negative connotations, you may not always feel low. The report is just guidance to possible effects. 

Social networks are a large and important part of forming a healthy wellbeing cycle. Social rejection can provoke a part of the brain that is directly related to feeling pain. Any sign of threat jolts our body into action. Showing that physical and emotional are so connected

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