We are primed to respond to our environment in order to adapt and survive our intricate and complex communication systems function to take care of us.


However seemly safe allergens can affect some people and interfere with our everyday lives:

£££ purchasing medication

♥ providing our bodies with the chemicals it needs rather than using it’s own intelligence


Immunoglobulin E (IgE) are the antibodies that detect different allergens which trigger immune cells to release histamine and other inflammatory chemicals. Allergens are perceived as a threat to some people’s anti bodies (immune proteins). IgE antibodies bind to immune cells about 100 times tighter than any other antibody. This usually means they are already attached to an immune cell, meaning the whole system is ready to respond as soon as an allergen is detected. This is why symptoms can be so quick and explains the significant amount of mucus that comes with allergies.


Allergies are complex and not yet fully understood even by science. It is assumed our defence alerts the immune system to expel what it thinks is dangerous to us. It is not clear if our body is reacting to something it deems harmful. However we are actually it is. However the world is a lot safer now and we consciously the danger in our environment is a lot more controlled than our predecessors.

Reflexology offers the body to balance and offers soothing attention to counteract the inflammatory response.  Paying attention to specific reflex points, particularly those areas overloaded by an allergy such as the nose, eyes offer relaxation to these areas and a method can also include reflex points that have possibly become more redundant but are naturally built to cope with allergen attacks. For example the pituitary gland, tonsils, ileocecal valve, spleen etc. All these are designed to do what many drugs mimic depending on what it perceives the body to need. Re-booting the nervous system in this way can encourage a more balanced less ‘reactive’ messengers within your body.


Ideally if you know when allergies are more prevalent it is good to come one month before allergy symptoms are at their worse and you are able to fit up to 4 treatments in this time.


But be put of trying Reflexology once for any disorder. I have treated people with certain conditions only once when symptoms are prevalent whereby responses have been recognisable after one treatment and a person’s own commitment to their health has led to long lasting results.


I do not recommend stopping doing what you need to do to keep your body safe from allergies. However Reflexology offers a complimentary way to become more in tune with our bodies to prepare our bodies in advance of allergies. It is simply a safe combination tool whereby people have been empowered by the results.


This article is not underestimating the serious affects of allergies. It is very important that people get a diagnosis and treatment plan by their doctor or medical profession. Allergic reactions can be life threatening, or symptoms don’t necessarily mean allergy they can mean an autoimmune disorder.


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