What to expect

My passion is tailoring my treatments to treat every individual so the more I can learn from you and your lifestyle the better. 

For health the body aims to maintain homeostasis , Reflexology to encourage the body to naturally re-balance in order for healing to occur or re-align and treat symptoms.  

The benefit of Reflexology  as a non-invasive  massage is that  following a consultation, I can concentrate applying pressure to those areas of the body that need attention and then allow the body a chance to do what it needs.

Thus re-balance the body and the mind at the same time.


10 main reasons to have Reflexology

Improve Skin tone 


Lower heart rate


Improve energy flow throughout the body


Induce relaxation


Improve circulation


Positively affect the lymphatic system and encourage waste removal 


Encourage efficient running of the various entire body systems


Allow yourself a break from 'static' mental, emotional and physical roles to embrace more fluid forms of well being. 


Be empowered through recognition and listening to our inner self's ability to adapt


Be pampered

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