My passionate explanation of Reflexology


Once clients can feel more at ease in themselves they are more able to deal with life changes and challenges and experience that great feeling of wellbeing.

The historic evidence of benefits from individual case studies and my own reported evidence I have witnessed from providing treatments for people is what makes me, and other Reflexologist's passionate about trying to explain 'scientifically' what is going on. 

All complementary therapies aim to assist the own bodies healing capacity. They are safe alongside allopathic medicine and can assist with with symptoms accompanied with disorders.  


Touch reflex areas rather than actual areas in the body. Therefore sometimes some stress or unconscious tension can be held in areas we hold pain. 

Touch therapy can bring about change and comfort;

I am passionate about helping others and providing self care tips as I believe it fits in with models of recovery. Regular Reflexology and commitment to accummalative self help techniqes can provide deep relaxation that fundamentally encourage you to continually recognise self worth and giving gratitude to our inner body healing capacity. 

By becoming in tune with your body on a regular basis you are asking yourself what you need, you are keeping up with learning your own body and in turn learning how to help others. 

Life force energy to aid healing


I apply 'intention' and pressure to the corresponding areas I believe need it thus providing mental as well as physical energy to encourage the body to respond. 

Accumulation of treatments can a strategy considered a 'coping mechanism' as it brings your body and mind together as part of a safe way 'declutter' the days stressors, ready for re-boot. Learning controlled self help massage exercises can help manage these feelings more effectively. It can also help to give your mind and body a chance to calm down. 

Touch therapy allowing the neurochemical changes produced by therapeutic touch, all of which can increase our feelings of emotional well-being. Skin massage is a perfect 'lymphatic wake up' that can instantly help us feel rejuvinated and seeing physiological difference can reflects an inner awakening. 

Inviting a greater understanding to how things are connected via feedback loops, complex systems and actually giving yourself time for re-establish stronger foundations. 

By providing a nurturing tool to optimise the our external perceptions and externally and how it translates this internally, what is easiest understood as what we put in is what is within. 

Explaining the actual mechanism of action combined with the touch based therapy of Reflexology is not be explained scientifically', more financial investment to carry out controlled research will lead to more questions.

When we start to look our own health, we start can feel like we are going down a rabbit hole. However if you feel like you are doing this with your health, please be aware of 'therapy hopping'.


There are simple practical tips that do not mean any cost.

Reflexology provides you with a safe and non invasive tool to encourage relaxation. It is highly beneficial if a treatment is sustainable for your health to improve. If it is not ask your Therapist and yourself why it is not? Is it costing too much? Are you becoming stressed? Is it benefiting you? These are only answers you, individually can provide.

I recommend having a Reflexology is the best way to understand what Reflexology is.

Allowing yourself just one relaxing, pampered treatment will certainly give you a thorough syncopation of your senses to help regulate your own physical flow and emotional rhythm. It provides can provide an important 'self-soothing'     

There is some research that shows the physiological affects of Reflexology treatments using magnetic resonance imagining. Furthermore Sally Kay Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD) technique a recurring and similar sensations reported by clients receiving her protocol. The theme 'ripple', 'flow', 'waves', 'cool sensation' led to the use of thermal imaging technology to look at the flow of lymph during her RLD proving reliable results to help support the use of Reflexology as a mainstream complementary therapy in healthcare.


Mental states especially emotions, our coping strategies affect our response not only externally but also internally too. 

Our complex history is held 'inside us' and our faces and our feet reflect this.  

Have you ever wondered how you try and try so many things to get rid of something, i.e. on you skin, then one day it just clears up? 

This is likely to be a subtle change in your mental state, the external environment linked so exquisite with the  internal environment. Even when we are consciously doing nothing or long past actual stressors have past, parts of our brain are always active, this is dependent on our mental state. Some people may hold tension in the jaw, the eyes, any part of the body.

Being still and relaxed is a perfect time to address whereabouts these tensions lie and how they move as we become more relaxed. Reflexology has a unique tool in that we pinpoint reflexes of the whole body. 




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